Alfie's Leads

New – International Shipping and Add-ons

I’ve always wanted to avoid over-charging for international shipping which has meant that the commonly used approaches haven’t appealed to me. They tend to be based on standardised charges which are always higher than the actual cost.

The website now has a Shipping and Add-ons page which allows customers to add an additional charge to their order. I can now give international customers a price for their shipping which they can add to their basket prior to checkout.

This can also be used for extra charges such as a ball on the end of a tuggie, an extra long tuggie, an extra handle on your lead and ultra big dog collars!! Anything else which isn’t already listed on the site.

I’m sure Alfie’s Leads customers will find this is easy to use, Once I advise of the additional charge it’s just a click of a button. So, be inventive!!!!


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