Alfie's Leads

New – Full range of Biothane leads, collars and long training lines

I am delighted to launch my new range of Biothans products.  Biothane is an amazing material. It’s basically strong  polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it durable, waterproof and easy to clean.  It has been used to make horse reins and bridles for years but biothane dog products are becoming extremely popular.

I have been making biothane dog leads and collars for a few months but wanted to fully develop the range before launching it.   This means that you can now buy an Alfie’s Leads collar, embossed with I.D. details, and a matching lead.    My standard collars are made from a single length of biothane with a slightly narrower strip on top.  This allows you to select a 2nd colour for this over-lay section and provides a perfect location for I.D. details.   There are, of course, other ways of designing biothane collars so, as always, if you have something in mind – just ask!

That’s the good news!  the not so good news is that I’m recovering from achilles tendon surgery right now so orders will take a bit longer than my usual 4 days to complete.  So, please take your time and select whatever you need.  As always, I’m happy to chat and message if you need any assistance.   

I hope you like the selection of biothane products currently available but please get in touch if you need something more bespoke.   Thank you


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