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Sheepskin Bungee Ring


These tuggies are made from a high quality, durable rope with a luxurious feel. The core of the rope is removed and replaced with a double strand of 4mm shock cord to create a 12mm bungee rope. The rope ring is around 8 inches in diameter finished off with a 6 inch piece of thick brown sheepskin, your dog will love it!!!   The bungie ring can be carried in your pocket making it a fantastic high value reward during training, fly-ball and agility.


Paracord 550 Sheepskin Tuggie Toys are hand made using the best quality sheepskin I can find. The sheepskin section measures 6 inches and the paracord ring is around 8 inches in diameter.  The handle is woven in a twisted cobra over 4 strands of 4mm shock cord. Ideal for Agility and other dog training.

Available in any single or 2 colour combination.

Additional information

Rope Colour

Army Green, Black, Chocolate, Electric Blue, Fuchsia, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Ocean Blue, Red, Silver

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