Alfie's Leads

Car cage safety strap

Just made a safety Strap for Alfie’s carry cage. It’s made from marine rope and paracord. The loop goes round the car headrest posts. The strap passes through the handle on his cage and hooks onto a D ring high up the strap. I didn’t want to hook it straight into the cage, the noise would drive me nuts!!!!

The strap will prevent his cage from lunging forward if I have to break suddenly. Nice and secure.

These aren’t on the website but can be bought for £7 by going to the ‘Shipping and Add-ons’ page, select £7 from the drop down and add a comment at the checkout to provide the length and colour you need.

Just measure the distance between the headrest and the upright handle.

These can also be made as dog seatbelts, I just need the length it needs to be to restrain your dog in the back seat.

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