Alfie's Leads

New Herringbone Weave!

A new range of Leads are available a herringbone weave.  Standard leads are made in an 8 strand weave which is around 11mm in diameter.      This weave replaces all of our cobra leads which we no longer supply.…

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Flirt Pole Mania

The world has gone Flirt Pole mad!! I normally sell around 30 of these a month but have sold 45 in the past 3 weeks. They are fantastic fun for dogs who love to chase things. £16, free post in…

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Car cage safety strap

Just made a safety Strap for Alfie’s carry cage. It’s made from marine rope and paracord. The loop goes round the car headrest posts. The strap passes through the handle on his cage and hooks onto a D ring high…

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Back in business!!

I’m pleased to say that the surgery to my left index finger went very well and the stitches come out on Monday 2nd September. I’m working my way through the backlog of orders and will be up to date within…

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New!! Marine Rope Key-rings

These unusual key-rings are 4 inches long and are made from 10mm Marine rope which I import to UK from E.L. Wood, one of the best manufacturers of rope and paracord in USA.    The rope is secured and trimmed…

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Gorgeous Cody the Staffy😍

This boy is just gorgeous, with or without his new collar on!!   They obviously breed beautiful Staffys in Denmark.    Such a handsome, happy boy!!

Cody the Staffy!

Cody from Denmark looks really happy with his new collar!!  He’s a lovely boy! Thank you for buying from Alfie’s Leads 😜🐾

NEW!! Bungee Leads from Alfie’s Leads

These new Bungee Leads are made with a section of twisted cobra weave over 4 strands of 4mm shock cord sourced from USA for the same manufacturer I buy all of my Paracord from.  It’s top quality! I’m selling these…

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Diva pink for a Diva dog!! 🥰

‘Thanks very much for Mali’s new lead and Collar.’ You are very welcome Brian.  Mali looks really pleased with it.  She might not love the grab handle attached to her collar once she realises what it’s for!!

Mr Branco loves his new collar and lead

Gorgeous Staffy, Branco from Sweden looks very smart in his new Olive Paracord collar and lead.   Enjoy wearing it big guy!! 🐾🐾 (Jonathan, my website doesn’t handle international shipping yet but we can always find a way of making…

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How to measure your existing collar

When measuring your existing collar …. Measure the full collar, end to end but do not include the prongs on one side of the buckle, the part which recesses into the other half of the buckle.   All buckles are different,…

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