Alfie's Leads

New!! Marine Rope Key-rings

These unusual key-rings are 4 inches long and are made from 10mm Marine rope which I import to UK from E.L. Wood, one of the best manufacturers of rope and paracord in USA.   

The rope is secured and trimmed with Nono-paracord available in black, red, orange, baby blue, navy blue, lime green and graphite.   Please let me know which trim colour you would like.

The rope is extremely light weight, in fact, the key-rings with split rings weigh just 10 grams.

Key-rings are available in the colours shown, however, they will shortly be available in Raspberry and in a sky blue with tiny white waves which is being manufactured specifically for Alfie’s Leads!!

Additional marine grade stainless steel hooks can be added to your custom made key-ring, just let me know what you would like.

All key-rings come with a split ring, however, this can be replaced/removed.  Just give me your instructions.

Key-ring- £5.50

Scissor Hook +£2

Trigger Hook +£1.20

Gate Hook +£0.80

Black Steel Shackle +£0.70

Steel Shackle +£0.70

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